Get On With Fracking Already

Come on, New York, let's stop stalling and get on with the fracking. Three years of protracted discussion, debate, hearings, etc. is enough already. Governor, get off it and approve the procedure. Stop emulating your dad in making decisions. And forget about Washington. There is a lady in nearby Westchester County who has the 2016 nomination wrapped up.



Just the frack facts

Study confirms environmental upsides of well-regulated gas drilling



New York's choice is a natural one

Now that President Barack Obama and Gov. Andrew Cuomo have toured New York, it is worth considering the goals we should have for the 21st century, the role natural gas could play and what is broadly at stake. The world is watching New York.



Choking a golden goose

The mindless war on fracking



A fracking anniversary

Five years ago last week, then-Gov. David Paterson, citing environmental concerns, temporarily banned large-scale fracking, the natural-gas extraction process that can spur thousands of jobs for New York. Today, alas, there's no sign the state will lift the ban anytime soon - despite a lack of evidence that fracking is unsafe.



Gasland II's Luddite Slander Of 'Fracking' Is The Latest Technophobe Attack On Progress

And now they're opposing today's most exciting technological breakthrough, shale energy technology - aka "fracking." Their spokesman is Josh Fox. And July 8th, to worldwide fanfare, HBO broadcast his latest manifesto, Gasland, Part II.



Upstate's path to recovery

It seems that New Yorkers would rather listen to Natalie Merchant sing of happiness and sign feel-good petitions created by Yoko Ono than deliver real jobs to the more than 700,000 people out of work in their state.



NY History of Naturally Occurring Natural Gas - Burning Springs in Bristol, New York

Water that burns. It has a natural history in New York that goes back to 1669.



Letter: Fracking helps provide necessary employment

What anti-frackers must be forgetting are the lives at stake due to problems caused by not using hydraulic fracturing to drill for natural gas.



McMahon: New York State is a terrible place to start a business

When a government watchdog as knowledgeable as Steven Greenhut, a Bloomberg View contributor, writes that California deserves to knock New York out of last place in rankings of state business climates, it's tempting to agree. If only he had a stronger case.