Texas Continues To Lead The Shale Oil & Gas Revolution

Almost lost in all the news about the federal government "shutdown" over the last week are several new reports regarding the ongoing massive oil and natural gas Shale Revolution in the United States, and the role Texas is playing in making it happen.



In Oneida County, Hillary Clinton touts U.S. oil-and-gas production

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's 80-minute lecture and discussion at upstate Hamilton College on Friday touched on dozens of issues - the government shutdown, the global economy, what it takes to be a president and the creation of merlot ice cream, to name a few.



Let's move forward with Keystone XL pipeline

In response to Rebecca Tell's letter ("Pipeline that leads to global disaster," Sept. 26), after five years and four favorable State Department studies, every possible question about Keystone XL has been asked and answered to the satisfaction of the American people - 65 percent of whom supported moving forward in the latest Pew poll.



Foreign Firms Tap U.S. Gas Bonanza

The U.S. boom in natural-gas production is luring investment from foreign manufacturers eager to tap a cheap, abundant supply of fuel and feedstocks.



Brown Approves California Regulations on Oil Fracking

California Governor Jerry Brown, preparing the state for development of the largest shale-oil reserves in the U.S., signed into law regulations for hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, a process that has been criticized by environmental groups.



PENDLEY: Attack on fracking leaves farmers to sing the blues

Hollywood's green agenda drives up the cost of the comfortable country life



Brown Says He'll Sign California Bill Regulating Fracking

California Governor Jerry Brown said he'll approve regulations for hydraulic fracturing criticized by environmental groups as the state prepares for development of the largest shale-oil reserves in the U.S.



Study finds limited greenhouse gas emissions from fracking

A new study has concluded that the controversial natural gas development method known as fracking releases "significantly lower" emissions of the greenhouse gas methane thanks to pollution control equipment.



API's Greco discusses Congress' latest moves to reform renewable fuels policy

As the Office of Management and Budget reviews U.S. EPA's proposal for 2014 renewable fuel volumes, Congress continues to debate a legislative fix to the policy.



Steelmaker picks Buffalo for new $102M plant

A steelmaking company based in Dubai has chosen Buffalo for development of a new $102 million plant that will employ an estimated 172 workers.