Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper: State Will Sue Any City In Colorado That Bans Fracking

Colorado's Gov. John Hickenlooper is defending fracking once again, but this time he's ready to go to court. In a recent interview with CBS4, Hickenlooper told Shaun Boyd in no uncertain terms that the state will sue any city that bans hydraulic fracturing within their borders



Joyce defends hydrofracking process during Allegany County committee meeting

Wellsville businessman, Charles Joyce, said he felt the need to respond to comments some residents made in January about hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and the possible impact on Allegany County.



Natural Gas Lessons Learned from Pa. in an Undecided N.Y.

Attendees at the most recent Empire Energy Forum heard about what's happening with natural gas in Pennsylvania directly from one of those individuals most effected and it was nothing like the horror stories painted by anti-natural gas special interests determined to halt the economic revival of the Southern Tier before it even gets off the ground.



Local Leaders Hear Hydrofracking Pros and Cons as Decision Looms

Governor Cuomo's office is expected to make a decision on hydrofracking in New York within weeks. Today, local leaders sat down for a look at the potential pros and cons of deep shale drilling. The State Petroleum Council hosted a forum on the local experience of natural gas development in Pennsylvania and how it could affect the empire state.



5 things you need to know about fracking

Fracking is short for "hydraulic fracturing," and the catch-all term used to describe the process of extracting oil and natural gas from shale rock formations deep underground. The process goes roughly like this: A company drills down more than a mile deep into the shale rock formations. Then comes what is known as "horizontal drilling" - effectively, the drilling turns 90 degrees, so that the well is exposed to more rock than it would be otherwise.



53 senators urge approval of Keystone XL pipeline

More than half the Senate on Wednesday urged quick approval of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, ramping up pressure on President Barack Obama to move ahead with the project just days after he promised in his inaugural address to respond vigorously to the threat of climate change.



GOP governors, Canadian leader press Obama to approve Keystone pipeline

Ten GOP governors and the premier of Saskatchewan are putting fresh pressure on President Obama to greenlight the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, which would bring Canadian oil sands to Gulf Coast refineries. Premier Brad Wall and the governors, in a letter to Obama Thursday, call the project "fundamentally important" to the future economic prosperity of the United States and Canada.



Fracking for natural gas being powered by it, too

Advances in hydraulic fracturing technology have powered the American natural gas boom. And now hydraulic fracturing could be increasingly powered by the very fuel it has been so successful in coaxing up from the depths. Oil- and gas-field companies from Pennsylvania to Texas are experimenting with converting the huge diesel pump engines that propel millions of gallons of water, sand and chemicals thousands of feet down well bores to break apart rock or tight sands and release the natural gas trapped inside.



Bi-fuel vehicles gaining speed

Detroit is beginning to produce vehicles that can run on both natural gas and regular gasoline. Anyone who has natural gas service in their home can tap off the same gas line to gas up their vehicle - at least until more commercial natural gas stations are established. Those facts make shale natural gas even more important to states that can produce it.



Deroy Murdock: Despite the movies, environmental experts say fracking is safe

If frackophobes are to be believed, natural-gas fracking is the most frightful environmental nightmare since Japan's Fukushima nuclear-power plant melted down amid an earthquake and tsunami. In "Promised Land," Matt Damon's new anti-fracking movie - funded by the United Arab Emirates - one character demonstrates this production technique's "dangers" by drenching a toy farm with household chemicals and then setting it ablaze.