Marcellus Shale

The Marcellus Shale covers approximately 18,700 square miles, primarily in the Southern Tier of New York.

New York is sitting on a buried treasure called the Marcellus Shale formation which could generate hundreds of millions of dollars in state and local tax revenues and create tens of thousands of well-paying jobs for New Yorkers.

The Marcellus Shale formation is a significant new source of natural gas production. It extends from Ohio through West Virginia and into Pennsylvania and New York.  In New York, it covers an area of approximately 18,700 square miles and is located in much of the Southern Tier stretching from Chautauqua and Erie counties in the west to the counties of Sullivan, Ulster, Greene and Albany in the east.

The Marcellus Shale formation is a super-giant: one of the largest natural gas fields in the world.  Its reserves are estimated in the hundreds of trillions of cubic feet of clean-burning natural gas.  In New York alone, the estimates are 9.1 trillion cubic feet.     


Access to the natural gas in the Marcellus Shale formation would boost New York’s economy and improve America’s energy security by providing access to a critical domestic energy source.

New York, however, banned the use of hydraulic fracturing in 2015, effectively putting the Marcellus shale play our of reach for New Yorkers. 

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