New York

A handful of statistics stand out about New York state and energy:

The good news is that a large part of New York state sits atop the prolific Marcellus shale play, which could hold more than 9 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

The unfortunate reality is that state leaders continue to leave in place a ban on hydraulic fracturing that would be used to produce gas from that shale. The result is that most of the natural gas New York uses comes through pipelines from Canada and other states, including its Marcellus neighbor, Pennsylvania. This helps explain why New Yorkers pay some of the nation’s highest prices for electricity.

Access to domestic natural gas and oil reserves is one of the keys to sustaining and growing America’s energy revolution, which has enabled the U.S. become the world’s largest oil and gas producer. Obviously, the lack of access to available resources is keeping New York at arm’s length from the benefits of the energy renaissance, which includes energy, jobs, and economic growth.

There are lots of benefits of a pro-energy development path.

Energy is essential for virtually every aspect of our daily lives. It powers national, state and local economies, gets us to work and goes into products we rely on for health and comfort. Safe, responsible energy development here at home is linked to national security as well as Americans’ individual prosperity and liberty – in New York and all the 50 states of energy.

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